Parent Text Message and E-Mail services.

EDU365 NOTIFY is a SMS and E-Mail notification service for education, standard functionality includes the ability to send SMS and custom emails directly to parents, with ease and without complexity.

EDU365 NOTIFY SMS Group Management

SMS / Text Messaging

Schools are using texts to send parents quick alerts on their children, general and urgent school updates directly to their mobile devices.

Parents often don’t check their personal emails at work, which can lead to them missing important updates on their children.

Parents can receive text messages on their phones, even when they have no data connection, and are therefore more likely to read them than an email.

SMS / text messages have a 99% open rate making text messaging the ideal mode of communication between your school and the parents you are reaching out to.

Text messaging can help schools in communicating with parents by sending quick and easy updates straight to their mobile devices.

Send and schedule as many messages as you like, with EDU365 NOTIFY credits are only counted for the successful SMS delivery.

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