School Application Based Notifications.

Set your school or trust free of expensive services.

What is NOTIFY?

NOTIFY is transforming how schools communicate with parents. Removing traditional paper letter methods not only saves the planet but also reduces the chance of the communication not making it home.

With the EDU365 NOTIFY schools and trusts can send whole school, group or individual notifications straight to a parent’s personal phone so there is no doubt over whether they’ve received it.

Delivery methods supported are application, push and sms* notifications.

*SMS credits are at a small extra charge
EDU365 NOTIFY - School Notifications Platform


Mobile Device Push Notifications

Push notifications are a key part of any mobile device, they enable users to quickly get a snippet into something of interest.

The NOTIFY application support push notification for a range of system generated events, such as Childs accidents, illnesses and medication issues for MEDI-BOOK. It also has the function by where an app message is sent to the user they are informed of the case and to check messages.

* There is no additional or hidden costs for application notifications,
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Notify Application Notifications.

Mobile device app notifications are delivered to all users of the EDU365 Notify service. Messages are delivered as when an events occur or via a manual generated message to advise parents in real time.

In addition to the MEDI-BOOK related notifications, users are also able to send general messages such as:-

  • Afterschool clubs
  • Reminders
  • School announcements
  • Group messages to all parents
  • Individual messages to specific student contacts
* There is no additional or hidden costs for application notifications,

School SMS for Parents

Schools are using texts to send parents quick alerts about their children, as well as general and urgent school updates directly to their mobile devices.

Parents often don’t check their personal emails at work, which can lead to them missing important updates about their children. Therefore, if parents could receive text messages on their phones, even when they have no data connection, they are far more likely to read them and keep up-to-date.

SMS / text messages have a 99% open rate, making text messaging the ideal mode of communication between your school and the parents of your pupils for urgent notifications like school closures for example.

With EDU365 NOTIFY, you can send and schedule as many SMS messages as you like within your available credit balance **, credits will only be deducted from your available balance for successfully delivered messages.

* SMS credits are at a small extra charge
** One credit equals 160 characters of a message.
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