School MIS system integration

MEDI-BOOK Wonde integration enables us to directly and securely pull student and employee information down directly from your school MIS system, ensuring that your MEDI-BOOK instance is always kept up to date with any role changes, new registration information or changes to emergency contact details.

With this feature it means that no staff member will have to update any information on the system manually, so no extra time is used up from a staff member’s day.

Supported systems include SIMS, Schoolpad, Bromcom, ScholarPack, RM Integris, Furlong, Arbor, Progresso, CMIS, Engage, iSAMS, WCBS and PA.

How it works

Enabling the link between MEDI-BOOK and your school MIS system couldn’t be easier, the whole process can take minutes to be online *, with your Schools student lists being displayed.

  1. We will make a request via Wonde to be connected to your school.
  2. Wonde will send the request onto yourselves to allow the access, once approved we will be connected and able to request the data.
  3. Your connected.

*This assumes that your school is already connected to wonde and using the service.
Where this is a new request to connect your school, wonde will undertake an audit process before the data can be requested, this process can take longer and timescales depend on the compexity of the MIS system.