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Set your school or trust free of paper records!


MEDI-BOOK is an incident recording and reporting software tool for the effortless recording accidents and illnesses that occur in a timely and structured manner.

MEDI-BOOK helps schools and educational organisations to simplify how they record accidents and illnesses, improving reporting, saving valuable time and money.


DAY-BOOK is a cost-friendly visitor sign in management system that enables organisations to securely manage visitors and track sign-in data across their site.

The software allows for DBS Pre-Registration so visitors have stress free entry as well as having a mobile application for evacuation events to ensure everyone on site is present.

Online School Reports

The EDU-TOOLS School Reporting module s a web-based reporting module designed specifically for schools and nurseries in the creation of student reports.

The generation of school reports using online tools vastly simplifies the issues with when / where to create though being accessible on any device, anywhere and at anytime.

Reports can be easily shared with parents via a standard printed output or fully online using our parent portal or NOTIFY application.

Introducing MEDI-BOOK Lite.

Accident management for schools without the bells & whistles.

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