MEDI-BOOK is an incident recording and reporting software tool designed for businesses, schools and educational organisations to effortlessly record accidents and illnesses which occur in a timely and structured manner

MEDI-BOOK helps schools and educational organisations to simplify how they record accidents and illnesses, improving reporting, saving valuable time and money.


Designed for education, but suitable for any business, our fully integrated visitor sign-in system, DAY-BOOK, allows you to oversee who is in your building at any time with specific live reports.

Our software further advances the sign-in process, keeping identity information secure and leaving your staff feeling confident that DAY-BOOK is ensuring students and visitors are safely accounted for.


EDU365 NOTIFY is a text (SMS) and E-Mail messaging service for schools and educational facilities.

Quickly and efficiently contact parents and/or guardians individually or in bulk directly to their mobile devices.

Low message costs ensures sending important notifications doesn’t need to be expensive.

MEDI-BOOK – Medication Consent

When children need to take medication in school time, their parents bring it in, the dosage is written on a bit of paper which is easily lost, and the medication is stored away. Not anymore.

With MEDI-BOOK, schools can now store, schedule, get consent and issue medication all through one platform. As well as being able to report on what medication is running out and when it needs replacing.

DAY-BOOK – Evacuation.

When a fire event/drill takes place during the day, it’s often extra work for someone, with DAY-BOOK all the extra work can be taken away.

The DAY-BOOK mobile app gives the user a complete overview checklist of who is on the premises, each person has a tick box so the user can keep track of who is and who isn’t present.

This is then submitted to create a full report on that particular fire event/drill.