Treatment Room

Manage Student Information in the School Environment.

The Treatment / Medical Room module enables you to record additional information relating to an incident. You can add additional interactions and treatments given, as well as building up a history of all actions performed to help the student, employee or visitor.

Users are able to search for a specific person’s name and look through their history of accidents, illnesses and medication entries in order to find a detailed information of a particular entry or to check over their recent history to see if there is anything untoward as a member of staff has raised a concern of that person.

They can also search through a particular history of records by typing in a type of injury, accident location etc into the individual records search bar.

MEDI-BOOK Treatment Room

Accident, Illness and Medication Records

The treatment room dashboard provides a summary of the entries that have been recorded for the student, each record can be selected to provide further detailed information along with a number of followup options such as

  • Adding additional notes
  • Email or print reports
  • Send parents application notifications
  • Upload additional images relating to the incident
Treatment Room - Accident List

Additional notes and interactions can be added and cross linked to the main entry, this enables a full concise record to be created when an accident or illness record occurs.

For example, for a head bump additional notes can be added where the student is checked through the day to ensure there is no related problems.

Accident or illness reports can be re-sent to the parent via email on request or displayed on screen for printing purposes.

Send a bespoke application message to the parents Notify application relating to the accident or illness. This could be a followup message, advice etc.

Upload additional images relating to an accident or illness.

The attachments are then displayed in the main record as a slideshow.

Display summary information relating to

  • Additional notes entries
  • SMS Notifications sent to parents
  • Report signatory state, who signed acceptance, when etc

Medication records include the ability to:-

  • View a summary of the medication information
  • See all issue entries relating to the medication item
  • Consent information, including who submitted the request and when then items are authorised for use
  • Issue medication
  • View or print consent information as a PDF

Medication Information

Medication summary information is provided as part of the treatment room entry, this enables users to quickly :-

  • View medication currently in the system and linked to the student.
  • Scheduled medication for issue and when
  • Add a new medication item

*Items are added without a prior consent form being completed.

Treatment Room Medication Options

Allergy Information

Allergy records which exist in the system are listed along with their severity colour / pop-up text.

Contact Information

Any relevant contact information relating to the student is listed as part of the treatment room record.

Information listed includes

  • Name
  • Relationship
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address