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What is EDU-TOOLS School Reporting

EDU-TOOLS School Reports is a web-based reporting module designed specifically for schools and nurseries in the creation of student reports.

The generation of school reports using online tools vastly simplifies the issues with when / where to create though being accessible on any device, anywhere and at anytime.

Reports can be easily shared with parents via a standard printed output or fully online using our parent portal or NOTIFY application.

All data is stored in secure UK data centres, fully encrypted to ensure total security.

School Tools Devices

School Reporting Editions Comparison


School Reports Dashboard

Reporting dashboards are provided to give an overview of the report status enabling teachers and leaders to quickly see the progress being made on class reports, where additional input is required and if the action is waiting on someone else to complete.

School Tools Dashboard

Highly Configurable Report Definitions

Report definitions are fully configurable enabling you to change such things as from font / colour schemes right upto altering the text which is used in the report header selections.

All criteria selection lists can be pre-defined as a “default” configuration which is used for all new definition as a baseline. Further changes are then able to be made to each report to customise the output.

Report headers are able to be customised allowing you to use the same area of a report display option for an alternate purpose.

Manage KPI’s for Progress

Standard key performance indicators are able to be setup and linked to report definitions, allowing teachers to quickly score students achievements, progress and efforts.

Data Entry

Class teachers are able to enter data into the report and update as often as required, All text areas support multi line entry as well as special character’s.

When a subject matter is marked as completed the colour indicator changes from red to green, to enable a quick representation on how the report is progressing.

As well as completing the core subject information, users are able to submit the additional report areas such as personal development, attitudes to learning, attendance data and form tutor / SLT feedback.

School Reports Data Entry

Report Presentation / Online Reports

Paper Based Reports

School reports can be printed in the conventional way and handed to parents, in addition to this they are able to view the report online, using any device via our secure parent portal.

When viewed online, the reports are logged as being accessed and read so you can be sure that parents are seeing the reports.

Student End of Term Report Example

Online Reports (Pro Edition)

School Reporting Pro Edition supports online access to all school reports via the Notify Application, this enables parents to be able to view current and previous reports for their siblings.

Online reports bring the additional functionality of

  • Quick access to historic reports, no lost reports.
  • Saves schools and nurseries money with printing costs.
  • Clean, fresh user interface with access anytime or any device.
  • Application based notifications and updates

How much does EDU-TOOLS School Reporting cost?

Lite Edition £99.99 per annum.
Pro Edition £199.99 per annum.

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