Asset Management for Education Organisations

Asset management and compliance with peace of mind.


ASSET-BOOK is a compliance tool used to record details of key assets within your organisation in order to secure them for insurance purposes. Recording of in-depth details such as serial numbers, locations and taking photos of assets gives more security in the event of disaster.

The software enables organisations to have peace of mind that all their assets are accounted for in the event of an insurance claim so that nothing is missed and everything can be recovered.


Asset Management

ASSET-BOOK’s main feature allows users to add all of their organisations assets’ including serial numbers, purchase information and anything relevant for if the worst was to happen.

Disposal Management

Ensure assets get disposed of properly by completing the full disposal management process which in turn tracks everything as it is completed.

Supplier Manager

Add suppliers to the system to enable staff to keep track of which assets are from each supplier.

Statistics Dashboard

ASSET-BOOK includes a live statistics dashboard which shows live stats on how many current assets there are as well as any awaiting disposal.

Upload Asset Images

Upload exact pictures of your organisations assets’ to ensure the correct asset is recorded and can be reported on if ever there is a need to.


ASSET-BOOK features specific in-depth reporting where users can specify time periods they wish to report on.

How much does ASSET-BOOK cost?

ASSET-BOOK School Editions £299.99 per annum

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