Employee Attendance Reporting Solution.


DAY-BOOK Connect is an Employee Attendance Reporting solution that enables employees to sign in/out remotely at the tap of a screen.



Employers can set up different locations for employees to sign in at, for example they can set different offices and headquarters as locations to sign in from as well as signing in from home.


Easy Access + Reporting

Once registered on the app, employees can then choose a location and simply tap sign in or sign out, this will log the location and time of sign in/out. The employer is then able to report on this using the in depth EDU365 reporting module.

Bulk Registrations

You can register entire departments or even entire workforces on the app at one time with use of the EDU365 Admin Dashboard. Each staff member will receive a registration email with details and a QR code, they can enter the details or just scan the QR code and just like that they’re registered to use the app.

Single Registrations

Alternatively you can register single employees on their own without the need to do a bulk import. This is useful for if your organisation regularly employees new staff one at a time rather than in bulk groups.


Application Download and Installation.

DAY-BOOK CONNECT is a native iOS and Android app. Available in the respective app stores (search DAY-BOOK CONNECT) or click the links below.

** No person information is cached to the mobile device