MEDI-BOOK Education Edition

MEDI-BOOK Parent Portal Application

MEDI-BOOK comes equipped with native Android and Apple iOS parent portal application, which enables parents / carers to have secure access from any mobile device to view all of the accident reports which have been reported for their children.

The portal data is maintained in-sync with the school / nurseries data to ensure the latest information is always available.

MEDI-BOOK maintains an audit trail of the users interactions with the device such as, when a report is accessed, when a consent form is completed or is a report is signed.  School staff can use this feature to track any trends or issues they may have. Admin users can generate login letters for the whole school at just the click of a button. In addition, all siblings are accessible within the same parental login for ease of use meaning less complication for the user experience.

Accident Reports

When using the Parent Portal Application, parents are able to view all of their child’s accidents during their time at school. In addition to all of the details about each incident, as well as the first aider’s notes, they will be able to confirm that they’ve viewed each report by way of a signature at the bottom of each report. The school can then use this information to build reports based on accident reports being read at home by parents/guardians.

Medication Consent Requests

Users can fill in medication consent forms in order for their child to be given that medication during the day. The consent forms include all of the details about the medication so the trained school first aiders will know exactly what the child’s normal routine is.

Parent Portal Mobile Application Graphics on an iPhone